C program to calculate Simple Interest

C program to calculate Simple Interest

Write a C program to input principle, time and rate (P, T, R) from user and find Simple Interest. How to calculate simple interest in C programming. Logic to find simple interest in C program.

Required knowledge

Operators, Data Types in c, Variables in C, Basic input/output

Simple Interest formula

Simple interest formula is given by.

Simple interest formula


P is the principle amount

T is the time and

R is the rate

Logic to calculate simple interest

Step by step descriptive logic to calculate simple interest.

  • 1.Input principle amount in some variable say principle.

  • 2.Input time in some variable say time.

  • 3.Input rate in some variable say rate.

  • 4.Find simple interest using formula SI = (principle * time * rate) / 100.

  • 5.Finally, print the resultant value of SI.

Program to calculate simple interest

/** * C program to calculate simple interest */ #include <stdio.h> int main() { float principle, time, rate, SI; /* Input principle, rate and time */ printf("Enter principle (amount): "); scanf("%f", &principle); printf("Enter time: "); scanf("%f", &time); printf("Enter rate: "); scanf("%f", &rate); /* Calculate simple interest */ SI = (principle * time * rate) / 100; /* Print the resultant value of SI */ printf("Simple Interest = %f", SI); return 0; }

Enter principle (amount): 1200 Enter time: 2 Enter rate: 5.4 Simple Interest = 129.600006