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C++ Programming Tutorial

C++ Features.

All programs in C ++ can be written in simple English language. So that it is easy to understand and develop by the programmer.

It is the concept of moving instructions from one system to another. In the C ++ language, the .cpp file contains the source code. We can also edit this code.

When we copy the .exe file to another computer. Which has a window operating system? So it works properly. Because the basic code of the application is similar to an operating system.

C ++ provides many features which are given below.

  1. Simple.

  2. Machine Independent or Portable.

  3. Mid-level programming language.

  4. Structured programming language.

  5. Rich Library.

  6. Memory Management.

  7. Fast Speed.

  8. Pointers.

  9. Recursion.

  10. Object Oriented


C ++ is a simple programming language in the sense that it provides a structured approach, rich set of library functions, data types etc.

Machine Independent or Portable.

The c ++ program can be executed in multiple machines. But it is not platform-independent.

Mid-level programming language.

C++ language binds the gap between machine-understandable Machine level language and High-level languages. C++ language can be used to write system programming like an operating system as well as an application program like the spreadsheet, the word processor that’s why it is called middle-level language. C++ combine the elements of high-level languages with the functionality of assembly language.

Structured programming language.

C++ is a structured programming language that we can break the program divided into parts using functions. So, it is easy to understand and modify any program.

Rich Library.

There are many functions available through the C ++ Standard Template Library (STL) that help in writing code quickly. For example, there are standard libraries for different containers such assets, maps, hash tables, etc.

Memory Management.

C ++ allows us to allocate memory of a variable or an array at run time. This is known as dynamic memory allocation. In other programming languages such as Java and Python, the compiler automatically manages memories assigned to variables.

Fast Speed.

The compilation and execution time of the C++ language is fast.


The memory address of Variable can be directly accessed through Pointer. The pointer is a data type like the other data type which takes an address for itself in memory. The following are some of the Pointer Value used in C ++.


The function in which the same function is called recursion. Recursion is a process that works like a loop. Recursion seems to be a satisfying condition so that the recursive function stops working. The Recursive Function keeps calling until its satisfaction is reached. If the recursive function is not satisfied, then there is a possibility of infinite looping.


C ++ is an object-oriented programming language. This means that the focus on these objects is on "objects" and manipulations. Information about the work of these manipulations is passed on to the consumer of the item.